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Spot Graphic, UGC Video

In 2021, Canva asked me to design a spot graphic to kick off its new billboard design challenge. This work would help bring the design community together and grow Canva's presence in the United States. 

Canva Billboard Design

It's All About the Process

The billboard was a hit, and was show in San Francisco and NY's Times Square. I also created a UGC video on the process of making the billboard, and was featured on Canva's social pages and blog.

The Concepts

After two years of lockdown and FaceTime, I wanted a design that would celebrate human connection and spending time outdoors.

Working from Canva’s brief, we explored several design directions. I designed a set of 3 graphics celebrating different aspects of coming together: community, friendship, and celebrations. Canva chose the vibrant celebrations theme. 

The final design features vibrant, neon image of odd bodies and organic shapes.

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