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A colorful nonprofit website redesign on Squarespace

Nonprofit HAPI Foundation had an outdated brochure website that they could not update on their own. This project's goal was to move their site to a more manageable platform.

Client: HAPI Foundation

Year: 2024

Deliverables: Web Design and Development

Hapi Foundation


Move the HAPI Foundation website to a platform that they could manage on their own.


Replatforming is always a good time to take stock of your current site's strengths and pitfalls. In doing so, I suggested a complete redesign and restructure or the content from HAPI's current site.

I chose Squarespace for its ease of use and modern design capabilities.


Taking into account content, structure, and visuals, the new website is a warm and friendly revival of their brand, showcasing the breadth of their projects and approachability.

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